CONTEST – What Do YOU Want To Say To The GMA?

What Do YOU Want To Say To The GMA Contest – How it works: the public is invited to send in ideas for slogans that will be printed on banners. We have five restaurants on board to donate dinner tickets. The grand prize of “Dinner at the White House” (Restaurant in Anaheim) will be for the slogan that makes it to our 30 ft x 5 ft banner and for the living beach mural, see blank canvas below. The contest will be promoted by local newspapers and online ezines including Pete with the Temecula Calendar. Coverage about the contest and event will be backed up by at least 4 southern California radio stations and one national radio program.

Email your banner slogans to


Scroll Down to View Suggested Slogans. This page will be updated as we receive the slogans.

Also planned: as you see below we have a vast spread of beach to create a huge message. We want to write a huge message to the GMA in the sand with over 500 people in the background. (Similar to what the group did up north that wrote in the sand ”FUKASHIMA IS HERE”)  We want to feed these photos far and wide to our alternate media.

MAM-LB gmo pic dana point 2


One thought on “CONTEST – What Do YOU Want To Say To The GMA?

  1. You wouldn’t feed your dog something that would make him sick,
    so why would you want to eat GMO foods that do harm to you &
    the planet? Make labeling of GMO foods mandatory for consumer

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