We will gather at 10:30 AM in the first cobblestone area of MAIN BEACH PARK (beside Greeter’s Corner Restaurant) in Laguna Beach, CA.

Main Beach is at the intersection of Hwy 133 and Pacific Coast Highway.

Gathering Area is the FIRST cobblestone area near Greeter's Corner Restaurant.

Gathering Area is the FIRST cobblestone area near Greeter’s Corner Restaurant.

The gathering/rally area is easily accessible from Pacific Coast Highway and a short stroll to the public restrooms.

The march will begin at 11:00 am sharp. If possible please arrive no later than 10:45 AM.


Usually people who travel to Laguna Beach take Hwy 133 South. Most of the time that’s great. On warm sunny beach days or holidays you may find Hwy 133 South heavy with traffic. You may want to consider accessing Laguna Beach from the North on Hwy 1S or from the South travel Crown Valley Parkway to Hwy 1N.
Alternate Routes Into Laguna Beach