The following chants have been aggregated from March Against Monsanto organizers all over the world. If you have time to learn a few of them it will help you participate during the march.

MAM Everywhere

(This is one that NCal folks used, sung to the typical army chant) We all have a right to know. If our food is GMO. All we wants a simple label, for the food that’s on our table.


Save our farmers! Save our seeds!

Hey Obama, listen please!

You gave your word awhile ago!

Make them label GMOs!


[response to call and response in brackets]

Food for people [NOT FOR PROFIT]

Medicine for people [NOT FOR PROFIT]

Seeds for people [NOT FOR PROFIT]

Government for people [NOT FOR PROFIT]


Hey, hey, ho, ho! GMOs have got to go. 
Hey, hey, ho, ho! We care about how our crops are grown! 
Hey, hey, ho, ho! Leave the delicate balance of our planet alone!
Hey, hey, ho, ho! GMOs have got to go!!!


Hey, hey, ho, ho! Let’s remove Monsanto from its throne! 
Hey, hey, ho, ho! Toxic, poisoned crops should not be grown!
Hey, hey, ho, ho! We deserve to have our voices known!
Hey, hey, ho, ho! Let’s remove Monsanto from its throne!!


Let’s take a stand across the land…

Poison our food crops, no, no, no!!

Sustainable farming is the way to go!                              

It is the small organic farmers who deserve a hand!

Not Monsanto who has poisoned our land!


Let’s take a stand and lead, lead, lead!!!

Together you know….WE CAN SUCCEED!!!!

Let’s be happy, let’s be healthy and keep our planet green!!

Hey, hey, ho, ho! GMOs, Monsanto and big Corporate have got to go!!!


Heeey yo No More GMOs
Yoooo hey Monsanto Go Away

Monsanto MonSatan
Your end is near and waiting

We don’t need no GMOS
Monsanto’s food has got to go
Your food is making people sick
Now we are here, and ending it


Who’s your farmer?! Who-who’s your farmer?!
Are we eating GMOs? People have a right to know!
People have a right to know! Make them label GMOs


If you have a “catchy” chant, please feel free to share in the comments section. Reminder: This is a family event. Please keep all slogans “G” rated, free of profanity. Thank you!


4 thoughts on “CHANTS FOR THE MARCH


  2. Because its more than GMOs. The pesticides that are in our food is astounding and the FDA keeps increasing the allowable limits. We also need to look at the effect Monsanto is having on our environment. They are directly responsible for killing the bees. Monsanto has a one hundred year history of poisoning Americans and now the world. Of course its not just Monsanto, however they are the leader of the pack.
    Many organic food suppliers are labeling their food as Non-GMO. As a food consumer that’s what I look for.

  3. “USDA monsanto up in a tree, taking food from you and me, first comes taxes then comes subsidies, then we’re in jail for keeping seeds” “organize, agitate, educate, and grow food” “What do we want? Food sovereignty. When do we want it? NOW” “Labeling is not enough, get that stuff off our shelves!” “lawns into gardens, share the harvest”

  4. o Don’t Panic, Go Organic!
    GMOs on our Table, Table, Table
    Don’t you wish it had a Label, Label, Label?
    [to rhythm of ‘Libby Libby Libby’ ditty]…
    You are what you eat
    from your head to your feet.
    Hey! Hey! Ho! Ho!
    [GMOS] have got to go.
    [crowd fills in word GMOs, second time through]
    Save the Birds! Save the Trees!
    Lets protect our Honeybees.
    Frankenfood or Real Food
    Is our Right to Choose
    GMOs need a label.
    Get that mutation off my table!
    Save our Food! Save our Farms!
    Keep us From GMO harms.
    Superbugs! Superweeds!
    Chemical Crops have Got to Stop!
    Know the Name! Ban the Seeds!
    These are not for Human Needs!
    From Farm to Fork and Fork to Table
    Don’t I Wish it Had a Label?
    Roundup is called Glyphosate
    Would you like Pesticide on your Plate?

    Save our farmers! Save our seeds!
    These are not for human needs!

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