965049_10201178246320682_1477427710_o**No masks or handkerchiefs over face will be allowed. All faces will be visible. Please keep signs relevant to the theme of the march. Thank you.**

Here are a few items you will want to bring with you for yourself and family:

Water (preferably in your own re-usable BPA free plastic containers – help us keep waste to a minimum -please do not bring glass)
Wear sunscreen
Bring a non-GMO energy bar or snack to keep from getting too hungry OR pack a picnic lunch and blanket so you can stay for all the activities
Wear comfortable shoes
A sign (if you are able)
Wear red if possible – red is the official color of the March Against Monsanto!

(FYI – Public restrooms are within a very short distance from the rally site.)

Please keep all chants, slogans and signs “G” rated without profanity and relevant to the theme of this march. This is a family event and children will be present.

**No masks or handkerchiefs over face will be allowed. All faces will be visible. 

Need help with your signs. Check out Suggested Signs and Making Signs.



  1. Again, this is a family oriented upheaval of masses of people. At all times keep the young children that will be present in your mind. Act right by them by NOT crossing over into the realm of violence. If there is conflict from an external source, Safety Facilitators will be on site to quell the problem before it becomes one.

  2. We will be spreading the wonderful energy of our community in Laguna Beach. Unity. Standing together for our right to know what we are eating and what we are feeding our families. If anyone wants to incite violence, please avoid them and hold to our principles of non-violence and support of each other.

  3. Very informative and very helpful. We will be there in our official Ts, with our posters.

  4. As a mom, I appreciate all of the warnings. My children and I are preparing for the march. Thanks for the providing a peaceful place for us to be. We are usually alone in this struggle to maintain safe food. It will feel great to join up with thoughtful people who are working to make a difference.

  5. Motto of 3: “We will always strive for Common sense, Common courtesy, Respect and Love for ourselves an the world around us, for is felt, and shall be conveyed at all times.”…Peace

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