Making Signs

FYI – a great place to purchase materials for signs are the 99 cent stores

Gather the materials needed. Sit down in a roomy area and start working. You need cardboard, poster board , markers , ruler and paint.Decide in advance what your sign will say. Try to keep what you write to a bare minimum- a three or four word phrase that people can read quickly, but will stay in their minds for a while after, is normally the absolute best thing to do.

Choose one of the two poster boards to be the front. Normally, protest signs have things written on both sides, but if you are on a budget, or one of the boards is torn up, it is very simple to make a sign with only one.

Make a general outline of what you’re going to write. It’s not a very effective protest sign that has sloppy handwriting that no one can read.. Make sure that your writing is clear and legible, as well as large enough for someone a bit away can read.
Decide what decorations to add. This is purely optional if you want to keep a more somber view on your protest sign, but if you would like it to be eye-catching, add decoration! Glitter is always effective, though flashy, but bright outlines are normally the best way to go. They keep a professional air, but catch onlooker’s eyes effectively.
Outline the words in dark marker. Fill in the letters. Try to use darker colors when actually filling in the words- that way, people from a long distance away can read what you have to say. Save the flashier colors for decoration.Repeat for the other poster board. This is optional; you can, as previously stated, just have a one poster board sign. It is important to note however that if you are expecting your protest to receive any form of media attention, having a double sided sign is much more effective in conveying your message. The media will likely cover the protest from an array of aesthetic angles, and at certain points it is likely that the protesters will not all have signs facing the same direction. Making a double sided sign capitalizes on as many angles as possible and can greatly increase message visibility.Attach a handle to your sign. This is so that you can hold up the sign above people’s heads. Do not use wood as it is not permitted in many cities. Use a hollow cardboard tube instead. Just hot glue the tube to the sign.Finished.

Please remember this is a family event with children present. Please keep all slogans, chants and signs “G” rated without profanity. Thank you.